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HE’S the last of the showmen left, apart from Yash Chopra, who seems to have taken a break from direction. Yes, not so long ago, Subhash Ghai was a synonym for Bollywood’s opulent extravaganzas of the ’80s-’90s, when cinema was still a larger-than-life narrative about good versus evil. Remember Karz , the original, Karma , Ram Lakhan , Khalnayak , Taal …an era of cinema where the formula not only held sway, but was a grand success too. The onslaught of new storytellers and new styles may have pushed the old guard into the background, but it failed to dim the passion. Today, after a lean phase, the veteran filmmaker returns with Yuvvraaj , a grandiose film that has lots to boast about, even though it falters here and there in terms of script and narrative. Topping the list of positives is AR Rahman’s scintillating music score which brings to life Gulzar’s poetry with sublime fluidity. And since the film is essentially set against a musical backdrop, where Katrina and Salman are members of an Austrain orchestra, Rahman’s ode to Beethoven seems in perfect sync with the script. Secondly, it’s the aesthetics of the film which leaves a lasting impression. Mostly shot in Prague and Austria, the film is picture-postcard perfect, with cinematographer Kabir Lal capturing the exotic locales in splendid hues. And finally, the film scores with its performances, especially by Salman Khan who essentially plays himself — a super brat — with perfect elan. He is the prodigal son, who was thrown out of the family mansion by his father because of his sibling rivalry with his mentally challenged elder brother, Anil Kapoor. As a choir boy in Prague, he finds a soulmate in cellist Katrina Kaif, but cannot marry her since her dad (billionaire Boman Irani) doesn’t approve of his impoverished situation. Hoping to change his fortunes after the death of his dad, he rushes home to inherit the family millions, only to realise there’s nothing left for him and his younger, equally roguish brother, Zayed Khan. Nerd Anil has been declared the sole heir, with sundry greedy relatives eyeing the moolah around him. Time for the dysfunctional family to outwit each other and split or to outsmart the outsiders and come together, once again…. Essentially a tale of three brothers, who rediscover their ties after hating each other for years, Yuvvraaj does have some fine moments of bonding between Salman and Anil. Zayed, however fails to connect and remains the outsider in this Trimurti, though surprisingly, Katrina does manage to hold her own in this bhai-bhai business. We do wish the duo (Katrina-Salman) had more time to set the screen on fire with their crackling chemistry, especially since all that we manage to get is a tantalising teaser with Katrina handcuffing a bare-chested Salman with her silken scarf. Kendi pump up the jam, janah! On the flip side, the story hangs loosely in the middle and winds up in a mothballed climax, where old-fashioned baddies try to bump off the goofy Anil Kapoor who does an Eeshwar all over again. But Salman Khan and AR Rahman more than make up for the lapses, carrying you off on a sonata and a song. Watch Yuvvraaj for an in-fashion retro feel.
Says Mr. Nikhat Kazmi
Times Of India

Every step you take, every move you make… we’ll be watchin’ you. Have altered the lines of a famous song. For, this one’s applicable for Subhash Ghai, a proficient storyteller, one of the most successful stories from this side of the Atlantic. Irrespective of how his films are received at the ticket window, Ghai’s movies are always under scrutiny. You watch every film with a magnifying glass
YUVVRAAJ is no exception!
Ghai’s forte has been drama. Recall the dramatic moments in KARZ, VIDHAATA, MERI JUNG, RAM LAKHAN, KARMA, SAUDAGAR. He re-visits the genre with YUVVRAAJ. Besides, YUVVRAAJ is his most opulent work thus far. It has a sweeping effect, the film makes a stunning visual statement
The story [Ghai] mirrors a universal truth. Greed leads to disputes and in turn, ruins all relationships. A fact you’ve heard or witnessed time and again in real life. While the story is captivating, the screenplay doesn’t really do justice to the thought. Also, Rahman’s music acts as a soothing balm, but the problem is, it takes time to grow on the listener. And that could be a deterrent.
Yet, in all fairness, YUVVRAAJ is a notch above the commonplace. If you intend spending your hard-earned money on it or devoting 3 hours of your precious time on Ghai’s new outing, chances are you won’t regret it.
Deven Yuvvraaj [Salman Khan] is a chorus singer, in love with Anushka [Katrina Kaif]. Her father Dr. Banton [Boman Irani], however, is dead against this relationship. Things take a turn when Deven’s father passes away and he returns to London to stake claim on his father’s wealth. He meets his two estranged brothers Gyanesh Yuvvraaj [Anil Kapoor] and Danny Yuvvraaj [Zayed Khan] after almost twelve years. But things aren’t hunky-dory between them…Ghai has an eye for visuals and every frame of YUVVRAAJ seems like a painting on celluloid. Unmistakably, that’s the first thing you notice as YUVVRAAJ unfolds.
It takes time to absorb YUVVRAAJ. In fact, Ghai doesn’t open all his cards at the very outset. It’s only when the father [Javed Shaikh] passes away and Mithun Chakraborty, the Executor of the Will, enters the scene that the wheels start moving.
The film gathers momentum after the interval. If the first hour has a few by-now-famous Ghai scenes, the second hour sees Ghai in form, with a number of sequences staying in your memory. The penultimate 20-25 minutes are the best. Watch Anil go through the handycam with disbelief, watch Anil and Salman’s act during the concert, watch Salman’s emotional outburst towards the end… also the titles [brings back memories of OM SHANTI OM].
Ghai handles the dramatic scenes with flourish. Rahman’s music is soothing, but you expect more because Ghai’s movies are embellished with lilting music that you recall even after 2 or 3 decades. Kabir Lal captures the striking beauty of Europe well. The output is superb. The sets [Omung Kumar] are truly majestic.
YUVVRAAJ belongs to Anil Kapoor, who towers above the entire cast and delivers a natural, believable performance. Salman’s looks are inconsistent. At times the boyish look is intact, at times he looks bloated. Ditto for his hairstyle. His performance, however, is better, mainly towards the finale. Zayed tries hard and convinces in a few scenes. Mithun Chakraborty is fantastic in a brief role.
Katrina looks angelic. Despite the focus being on the three men, she registers an impact. Boman Irani is credible, especially in the scene when he steps out of the Operation Theatre towards the end. Aushima Sawhney is confident. Anjan Srivastava and the pack of villains/vamps look straight out of RAM LAKHAN and TAAL.
On the whole, YUVVRAAJ is interesting, with the penultimate 20/25 minutes taking the film to an all-time high. At the box-office, the package [a mammoth cast, Subhash Ghai, A.R. Rahman, the stunning locales of Europe] should ensure a hearty opening and with no major opposition in the forthcoming week, it should keep its investors smiling.
Says Taran Adarsh –
Film Critic

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‘Y U V V R A A J‘

A Child wants love, a man wants money

` Eventually …one yearns love!!!

Subhash Ghai tells a unique tale spin of our times narrated through music

‘Yuvvraaj’ a story of the attitudes of youngsters today as they prioritize money and life style over value of relationships.

set in Europe in modern times, it’s about the three sons of a billionaire father brought up in three different environments, their individual personalities, their passion and aggression to fulfill their aspirations.


the three sons are played by Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan.

Deven Yuvraaj [Salman Khan] needs money to get his billionaire beloved – a beauty queen, played by Katrina Kaif.

Gyanesh [Anil Kapoor] is yet to realize the colour of money but gets caught in the web of money.

Danny [Zayed Khan] breaths nothing but money, the only

power he knows.

Anushka [Katrina Kaif] has passion for music and obsession for an earthy man Deven and plays the catalyst through her music in this family drama in which you laugh, cry, sing and dance.

how they depart and how they meet … and how they play against each other is the most exciting plot presented in this gigantic motion picture.

a musical extravaganza

by Subhash Ghai

in his inimitable style

Music binds love

Subhash Ghai’s ‘Yuvvraaj’


Anil Kapoor , Salman Khan , Katrina Kaif , Zayed Khan ,Aushima Sawhney , Amie Maghera , Javed Sheikh ,Boman Irani

SUPPORTED BY – Anjjaan Shrivastav, Shenaz Anand, Sulbha Arya, Aparna Kumar

Credit; Order Wise

Banner: Mukta Mainstream Films

A Film By: Subhash Ghai

Produced And Directed By: Subhash Ghai

Music: A R Rahman

Lyrics: Gulzar

Screenplay Dialogue: Subhash Ghai / Sachin Bhomik / Kamlesh Pandey

Cinematograper: Kabir Lal

Art Director: Omung Kumar


Choreography: Chinni and Rekha Prakash / Shaimak Davar / Ahmed Khan

Sound Designer: Rakesh Ranjan

Background Music: A R Rahman

Executive Producer: Shamira Karim

A Mukta Arts Presentation

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If it is true that since thousand years the soul of music had always affected the body and souls of human lives and nature

…then I would like to say that my film ‘Yuvvraaj’ in its own way speaks. In spite of the fact that ‘Yuvvraaj‘ is a complete mainstream entertainer it is an interesting plot of a family drama.

Its music plays an important part in bringing the restless ,greedy , aggressive , obsessive ,materialistic, corny characters of my story to a point of realization where they understand the meaning of their relationship not by war but through the music of strings led by a king instrument ‘ cello’ which speaks a deep human voice to call all relationships to orchestrate their lives in harmony to love , care and share .

I must thank A R Rahman for bearing all my uncanny demands to create this kind of music which comes from the heart whether its peace, notoriety, romance or dance.

To sum up all, this album does bring an interior note of smile in side all of us and reflects the real chaotic world.

Hope I justify this larger than life sound into my visuals which will speak their own interesting story of an Indian family settled in Europe listening to the symphonic notes in the air.


Though Yuvvraaj is an entertainer than a preacher but in this music album composed by ace music director A R Rahman and poetical words with depth of Gulzar sahib there is an effort to express our Indian classical music weaving into western orchestra to create universal soul music.

Anushka[ katrina kaif] plays a cello player , deven [ salman khan] echoes his voice to express his passion and aggression in romance and love where as anil kapoor comes with an indian classical voice of peace and love.

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Mast mast dar mastam…

dar rind vind dar mastam…

aast, hast gar mastam…gar mastam

(Repeat 2)

Aaye ji baanke aaye, hastam mastam

O danke bajate aaye …rustam shustam


Bheje mein bhochal hain

Pairon mein paatal hain

Dil ka ahwal leke aaye


Billi ki khaal hain

Chitey ki chaal hain

Dham dham dhamaal leke aaye

O Rustam aaya- O chustam aaya

Sou surangon se mein

Chup chup ke yun lene aaya


Mast mast dar mastam…

Dar rind vind dar mastam…

Aast hast gar mastam…gar mastam


Badega, mamla badega

Kachahari lagegi

Mukadma chalega

Shani jab talega

Toh dushman jalega

Kabhi toh dur hogi duriyan dil ki


Mohabbat toh- jahan dhua wooan uuthe

Wahi hoti hain

Jahan – aagan lagan wagan lage

Wahin hoti hain…



Mast mast dar mastam…

Dar rind vind dar mastam…

Aast, hast gar mastam…gar mastam



Barson yeh kahani.

Likh ke jubani

Kahega Zamana

Sunega Zamana


Aaye ji baanke aaye

Hanstam mastam

Danke bajate aaye

rushtam shustam

Koi toh raaj hain

wohh sunte ho naraaj hain

unko awaaj dene aaye


Duniya mein naam hain

Par logon mein badnaam hain

Shadi ka paigam leke aaya


Aayeji baanke aaye hanstam mastam

Danke bajate aaye Rushtam sushtam

(Repeat 2)


Dur dur rushtam shustam

Ruftam ruftam… dur…

Badega mamla badega

Kachahari lagegi mukadma chalega

Shani jab talega

Toh dushman jalega

Kabhi to dur hogi duriyan dil ki


Mohabbat tohh- jahan dhua wooan uuthe

Wahi hoti hain

jahan – agan lagan wagan lage

Wahin hoti hain.


Ayeji baanke aaye hanstam mastam

Danke bajate aaye Rushtam sushtam

Bheje main bhochal hain

Pairon main pataal hain

Dil ka ahwal leke aaye


Billi ki khal hain

Chitey ki chal hain

Dham dham dhamaal leke aaye


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Yuvvraaj is the first time that Subahsh Ghai, Gulzar Sahib and AR Rahman are together.

Subhash Ghai and Rahman had created magic with Taal, with Gulzar Shaib joining the team it has one of the coolest music . The indsurtywalla are also excited about it .. This is what T Series has to say

“Overwhelming  response for a truly fantastic sound-track all across the world….Scales the top bracket in Charts on its Launch….Working Wonders on all Platforms..Physical,Digital and Radio Stations…This Subhash Ghai-A.R.Rahman-Gulzar combo scores a winner .YUVVRAAJ” is  simply superb…!!!!! Bhushan Kumar- Chairman and Mg.Director. Supercassettes Ind. Ltd.(T Series)

Here are some of their  compositions …

Tu Muskura” – artists –  Alka Yagnik and Javed Ali, picturized on Kartrina and Salman

Meri Dost”- sung by Shreya Ghosh, AR Rahman and Benny Dayal, picturized on Kartina and Salman 

Shano Shano” – This one has a new girl Aushima Sawhney doing the lead dance along with Zayed. The artists are Sonu Nigam, Kartik, Timmy, Sunaina, Vivienne Poocha & Tina.

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